Hinckley Progressive Bingo Jackpots



It's big time bingo at Grand Casino Hinckley.

Jackpots for the week of April 17 - April 23 , 2023

Matinee Session
Letter Z Progressive $500 in 30#'s or less
Coverall Jackpot $500 in 55#'s or less
Bonanza Jackpot $2,550
Powerball $210
Wed-Sun Evening Session
Bonanza Jackpot $30,650 in 50#’s or less
Powerball $200
Thu-Sat Regular Evening Session
Pick 7 Jackpot $4,200 in 20#'s or less
Super G Primary Jackpot $2,050
Super G Secondary Jackpot $675
Double Take Jackpot $1,300 in 38#'s or less
Letter Z Progressive $1,750 in 45#'s or less


For updated jackpot information, please call the Bingo Hotline at 800-472-6321 Ext. 4000.